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I have had the honor of knowing some incredible people in my lifetime, albeit only 30 years of it, some truly remarkable people, dear friends and whole hearted people have graced my life with their love and presence, truth and fears, loyalty and hope, one of which was a dear roommate, whose friendship is like a sister and life is a gift.

Today at 6:30am our friend Jenny picked me up in Los Angeles to make a trip to LAX to pick up the dear sister mentioned above.  We welcomed her with hugs, screams and love.

In life, this girl continues to remind me that God’s dreams for us are better than we could dream for ourselves. Which reminds me of the quote I ran across the other day…

“Sometimes on the way to a dream, you get lost and find a better one.” -author unknown

I always see God speaks so clearly to our hearts, sometimes we just allow influences from outside to deafen our senses.  His dreams for us are real and beautiful, bigger than us and worth our dedication, our hope and our hearts.

What is it that you have been wanting to do, what task seems continually daunting and almost impossible, or worse yet, hopeless?  What grips your heart, energizes your bones, and invades your wandering thoughts?

Let yourself dream with God and choose His heart of love which is ever growing in ours…

Welcome Home Sister Sledge…


katee grace

as seen in: LA Times, Bridal Guide, Coastal Parent, The YBF & People Magazine
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As you probably know, photography is a highly referral based business and I am honored anytime my name or information is passed along. I love the opportunity to capture memories for new families.
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